The Next Generation of Highway Technology

3d imaging software

The Next Generation of Highway Technology

GPC Systems are an award winning independently owned UK software house that is centred around innovation of emerging technology. In the past couple of years, we have worked very closely in partnership with Intel to leverage their RealSense 3D Camera technology to solve critical business issues. 

3d imaging software

The RAC estimates that one billion pounds is spent annually repairing potholes in the UK, and the majority of repairs are only short term patches. Councils currently face a challenge effectively identifying sites that are most in need of repair, on average taking 20 days between a problem being reported and works completed. 

Recently, we have been working with the Durham & Gwent local councils, funded by the Govtech Catalyst award program to produce a system that uses vehicle mounted 3D cameras to automatically detect, measure and map road defects. There is no driver interaction required and all defect locations are accurately identified in near real time on dashboard via Google Maps.

Using artificial intelligence, the system uses the captured information in tandem with weather and traffic data to predict when a pothole will likely degrade, creating a more intelligent means of prioritising and coordinating proactive repairs.

There is fully automated route planning embedded to further streamline the process, and our data is openly available for use in other systems or residents to view online to promote a sense of collaboration and validation.  

3d imaging software

Highways inspectors can also record defects during their walked inspection using a mobile tablet or phone. This allows the system to capture defects and measurements to support the councils statutory requirements and where areas are inaccessible to vehicles such as pavements and cycle paths. 

Results from Phase 1 of our R&D project with Durham and Gwent Councils indicate that approximately 33% more potholes can be repaired in the same time using our system vs conventional methods. We look forward to updating our latest stats on this project when it comes to a close. For more information please contact



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