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Meet the Team


At GPC, the foundation of our success lies in the exceptional individuals who form our team. From talented engineers to sales executives, dedicated developers to savvy business leaders, each member of our team brings unique expertise and experience to the table.

Through their hard work, dedication, and commitment to excellence, our team members have helped us become a leading provider of cutting-edge 3D software solutions. They embody the values that define our company and are a true testament to the power of teamwork and collaboration.



Hi I’m John, I am co-founder of GPC since 2010. When I’m not talking all things GPC related, I’m also a Master Bee Keeper. I have multiple hives based around the Cotswolds and produce my own honey from the hives.


Head of Business Development and Partnership Solutions

Hi, I’m Isabelle (Izzy). I run the Sales, Partnerships & Marketing functions at GPC and have been with the team since 2019. I’ve spent the last few years growing my experience in the sales industry working with large global entities before joining full time at GPC. You’ll also find me at partner events, industry shows and travelling the world visiting clients and partners. You will rarely find me without a coffee in hand or some sort of sweet treat!


Chief Technology Officer

Harry Mcadam

Sales Executive

Hi, I’m Harry the Sales Executive at GPC. I have a background in Criminology from the University of York, but sales is where I found my true passion. In my spare time, I love hanging out with friends and gaming.


Software and Machine Learning Engineer

Hey, I’m James, a Software and Machine Learning Engineer, and I’ve been here at GPC since 2015. When I’m not coding I spend as much time as I can rock climbing, and walking my two collies in the mountains.

Abdul Hadi

Android Developer

Hi, I’m Abdul, I am an Android developer who works closely with the back end team. In my free time I like learning new things like playing an instrument, making games etc. I also like to travel with my family and enjoy good food!


Support and Quality Assurance Manager

Hi, my name is Daniel Rogers and I am the Support and Quality Assurance Manager here at GPC. I have been with GPC since 2021 within the support and testing department. My hobbies are hiking the Welsh mountains, cooking different recipes, and playing video games where I can.

jamie collins

Support and Quality Assurance Analyst

Hi, my name is Jamie Collins and I am the Support and Quality Assurance Analyst here at GPC. I have been with GPC for the last year within the support and testing department. My hobbies are taking long evening drives, playing video games, and meeting up with friends.

3d imaging software


Hi I am Ellie Pearce and I have been with GPC since 2021. Starting my journey here as an Assistant, I quickly worked my way to Head of Projects. My role comes with many hats but I love each and every one of them! In my spare time, I go to CrossFit, walk, run, read and spend time with family friends.