GPC started through innovation, being approached about a 3D camera, and entering the unknown to create multiple 3D software packages for companies across the globe to use with one 3D Camera.

Over the last 10 years we have engaged with multiple global clients, wanting new and innovative ways of working utilising 3D imaging. We started in healthcare, but only moved into highways when we were approached at a round table to transition our solution for wound measuring into pothole measuring.

More recently, we have been on a 12 month project with IAG Cargo to develop our pothole software into a dimensioning solution for transport and logistics.

Our journey in innovation never stops, you could be working with us on our next project. Just ask@gpcsl.com. No project is too big or too small. We love to get our hands on new, exciting research and development around 3D imaging.


A few years back when we first came across the new 3D depth camera technology it was clear that it had the potential to be an incredibly powerful tool, and if harnessed in the right way, could change the way we measure things forever. Several years and countless hours, bugs, hardware iterations and projects later we have managed to achieve just that. We have created a core set of algorithms that incorporate machine learning and artificial intelligence to effectively extract the dimensional data from a range of 3D camera units. This system, tailored to individual use cases with the right hardware can transform measuring processes, for the benefit of the business and the worker.
3d dimensioning software
Innovation - GPC Systems


We listen – We work very closely with our customers to understand their business processes and associated challenges. We think – We join together as a team and come up with ideas of how we can address the customers needs with our and our partners capabilities. We collaborate – Working hand in hand with end users we are able to dynamically develop our ideas in the field. We evolve – Our systems are always being continuously improved with the aid of customer feedback, partnerships and advanced in technology.


We are a tried and true R&D company, forever exploring the art of the possible. At GPC we are fortunate enough to work very closely with some of the leading names across the Transport and Logistics, Highways and Medical industries, and it is their feedback dictates where we will turn our attention next. Do you have an idea?
Innovation - GPC Systems