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Freight Dimensioning Systems

Do you want to improve the efficiency of all your dimensioning processes, from measuring parcels to pallet dimensioning? Our 3D measurement software will optimise both shipping and storage of your freight, and can be operated using a handheld device or as part of a fixed system.


Our 3D dimensioning software solution has been designed for seamless integration and can be completely adapted to the way you operate. Install the system in loading bays and on conveyors to capture dimension data as freight arrives and passes through your warehouse. Cameras can also be attached to forklifts and combined with weight scales for accurate pallet dimensioning without workflow interruption.


Utilising handheld or mounted low cost 3D camera technology, this point-and-click application can accurately calculate length, width and height dimensions, as well as volume, using a single photo. Measurement data collected via the app is then stored within the system and can be sent to other relevant applications as required. Our software works with freight of various shapes and sizes, and can even recognise pallets and skids with the option to exclude these from measurements. Dimensioning data can be captured in environments with low lighting, as well as with freight wrapped in reflective materials such as black shrink wrap. In a mounted setting, our system utilises advanced computer vision and machine learning techniques for automatic object detection to streamline workflow and improve overall efficiency.



GPC Freight Measure allows users to obtain accurate dimensional measurements from a single capture from a mobile device, sending the data to the relevant applications and back end systems in real time.

Works in low light conditions.

Handheld and fixed solutions available – PDA and Tablet, dock doors, weigh scales, conveyors and FLT’s.

Fully customisable to your use case and environment.

Freight measure excels at capturing irregular objects from 2cm to 5m in size.

Works with reflective surfaces such as black shrink wrap.

Option to exclude pallet or skid.


A number of our clients, particularly those within the last mile courier sector, do not need fully accurate dimensions. All they need to know is whether they are picking up a washing machine or a toaster for forward planning. For clients who have large warehouses, knowing whether an item will fit in their racking or conveyor can be guesswork at best.

For our customers like IAG Cargo, knowing the size of baggage and cargo when it comes in has proved invaluable when forward planning. Knowing exactly what will fit means planes are never delayed because AWB’s are too big for the hold and cargo space is always filled to maximum capacity.

Talking to customers, we have found a common issue in supply chains. There is often a disparity between the dimensions a customer states on the label vs the actual item size. By accurately checking weights and dimensions with our Freight Measurement App, our clients can ensure their customers pay for the items shipped in full.



Using a handheld device, users can obtain accurate item dimensions at the point of collection allowing for more efficient forward planning and reduced discrepancies.


Using fixed or mobile devices users can capture accurate dimensions as soon as items are received for more efficient AWB building.


Using fixed cameras and AI the system can automatically detect and capture items on conveyors.


Using a mobile or fixed device users can obtain accurate dimensional information to spot check item specs for revenue protection.


Cameras can be mounted to fork lift trucks to allow dimensional capture as part of regular process.


Fixed stations can use mounted cameras on weigh scales to provide weight and dimension data.



Freight Measure can be used on any compatible mobile device including tablets and PDA units, mobile dimensioning provides a greater degree of flexibility meaning a wider array of items can be captured.


Using an array of vehicle mounted cameras paired with a dead weight scale we can enable users to capture accurate weights and dimensions as items are picked up with no change to current workflows.


Cameras can be fixed to conveyor systems, allowing item dimensions to be captured as items pass through.


Cameras can be mounted above dock to enable automated capture as items are unloaded.


Cameras can be mounted to fixed and mobile scales (pump trucks).

R & D

If you have a requirement which our current solutions cannot meet, we are more than happy to discuss it with you.



Our technology is based around leveraging the Intel RealSense camera line. Intel developed the RealSense as the new industry standard in 3D imaging, the units can be wired into fixed systems or attached/integrated to mobile units.


Using two telephoto lenses, an infra-red camera and infra-red laser the units can accurately decipher the distances between points.


GPC is a member of the Intel® IoT Solutions Alliance. A global ecosystem of more than 800 industry leaders. The alliance offers its members unique access to Intel® technology, expertise, and go-to-market support, accelerating deployment of best-in-class solutions. GPC uses Intel® RealSense Technology to enable their 3D capability to further to improve accuracy and efficiency.


Freight Measure FAQs

  • How fast can the system capture measurements?

    1 second

  • What makes the Freight measurement app different from other measurement methods?
    Other measurement methods include manual measurement with a tape measure or fixed automatic methods which do not provide a lot of flexibility. Freight Measure provides accuracy with the adaptability of a mobile option which can be fixed if necessary and a system that measures within one second.
  • What size of objects can you measure?

    We are currently working with a leading Australian DIY retailer to measure items as small as packets of screws (>2cm), at the other end of the extreme we are working with one of the leading port authorities, mounting cameras onto cranes to measure oversized items (<5m).

  • Can the system measure irregular items?

    GPC Freight Measure excels at capturing the dimensions of highly irregular items.

  • Does the software require a data connection?

    We recommend that the software communicates with your applications and back end systems in real time for maximum impact, however if this is not feasible due to security or network limitations, we can configure it to packet upload when the device is docked. 

  • Is the product NTEP (Weights & Measures) certified?

    The Intel Realsense depth camera line are “Legal for Trade Ready”, meaning that when used as part of an entire system, it can then be NTEP certified. 

  • Can the software fully 3D map items and recognise them as objects?

    Currently the system will only place a dimensioning cube around an item(s), however further down the line we are looking into developing features such as this.

  • Can I manually adjust the captured dimensions?

    Freight Measure has a feature that allows you to edit the dimensions via a touch screen or mouse input.  

  • Does the system require favourable lighting conditions?

    The Realsense camera line actually excels in low lit environments, the new LIDAR variant can even work in near complete darkness. 

  • Can I use the 3D data to ‘Tetris’ the items into a HGV or AWB?

    This is something that many users have asked us for, and we are at the early stages of looking into creating such a system. – Enquire today and we will happily arrange a call to discuss our product roadmap with you. 

  • What kind of ROI am I likely to see from implementing such a solution?

    This depends on how your business operates, for some of our T&L customers who cross charge their clients for incorrect dimensions, the system can sometimes pay for itself in a 4 week POC alone. For our customers in the air cargo industry, simply having accurate data early in the supply chain means that their cargo holds are always flying at maximum capacity and planes aren’t delayed by items that don’t fit. – Covering the cost in a matter of weeks. 

  • How much efficiency can this save me vs manual measurement?

    This will depend on your current process, but IAG Cargo noted a 40% overall increase in productivity. 

  • What are the major benefits of using a Freight measurement app?

    Gains in operational efficiency, speed and accuracy of measurement, more efficient forward planning and revenue protection. View our Freight Measure products page here »

  • Does the system work on Android/Windows/IOS?

    Currently we support Windows and Android.

  • Does the Freight measurement app scan more than a single freight at a time?

    Currently the system will place a cube around a group of items, however there is an option in the workflow to split the volume of multiple identical stacked items.

  • What hardware devices are compatible with the Freight measurement app?

    Please see recommended device list here »

  • Can the system also provide dead weight information?

    We have partnerships with some of the world’s leading scale manufacturers and can provide solutions including industrial weigh pads, conveyors, fixed stations, FLT’s and pump trucks. View our partners here »

  • I would like to try Freight Measure, how do I do this?

    We always recommend that clients not only try the product before buying, but work with us collaboratively to tailor and develop the software to fully meet your needs. – Two implementations are never alike and if there is a deal breaking feature that the product currently doesn’t have, we are more than happy to work with you to make it a reality.

  • Why should I use a Freight measurement app?

    Not just a box measuring app, customers tell us that measuring accurate dimensions of freight, particularly irregular shapes, sizes, materials, and pallets is a challenge. They told us that significant efficiencies can be found through recording the dimensions of freight. Utilising hand-held or mounted low-cost 3D camera technology, this point-and-click application can accurately calculate length, width and height dimensions using a single photo. Automatic object detection streamlines workflow and improves overall efficiency. The question to ask is, why not?!

  • How exactly does the Freight measurement app work?
    A secret combination of algorithms with artificial intelligence and integrated with low-cost 3D camera technology is how Freight Measure works.