6 Month Free Licence for NHS Clients

3d imaging software

6 Month Free Licence for NHS Clients

GPC are proud to announce that due to the COVID-19 pandemic we
are going to be providing 6 month free licensing to our NHS Clients
and Colleagues. GPC are investing their software to support the NHS
during their staff shortages and enhanced pressure due to COVID-19.

What is GPC’s Wound Measure?
Simply by taking a picture and using our 3D technology to accurately
measure and monitor patient wounds (as stipulated by NICE) such as
pressure ulcers.

How will this help during the COVID-19 crisis?
Reduce nurse visits to care homes.
Reduce patient travel to clinics and hospitals
No physical contact and no need for experts to measure wounds
Reduce the length of time it takes to measure a wound by up to 70%
Increase the efficiency of expert support such as Tissue Viability Nurses

Helping the NHS to manage the huge increase in demand by
Releasing critical nurse resource whilst continuing to support patients
with pressure injuries.
Reducing face to face and physical contact and potential spread of the
Patients with wounds such as pressure ulcers can be monitored safely,
securely and accurately remotely by specialist nurses.


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