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Highway Measure – Road Maintenance Software


Experience the power of our autonomous road maintenance software, delivering precise measurements of height, width, length, and depth. Additionally, our software provides comprehensive 3D images of potholes, enabling thorough analysis. This essential information plays a crucial role in effectively repairing road defects, ensuring accurate planning of resources including time, budget, and materials. With our fixed solution, effortlessly drive over potholes while real-time scanning autonomously measures defects and transmits data to your system. In cases where driving over defects is impractical, our handheld solution offers a convenient alternative. Simply capture measurement data using our mobile app, ensuring flexibility and accuracy in your assessments.


Experience the efficiency and accuracy of our road maintenance software, providing a rapid and precise method for measuring potholes through advanced 3D imaging. Say goodbye to slow and cumbersome traditional measurement methods, as our solution calculates volumetric measurements with just a single photo.


Highway Measure seamlessly integrates with your system, facilitating easy storage of images, dimension data, and GPS locations. Capture additional pertinent information, such as location type and priority, enabling seamless collaboration and efficient planning for repairs. To learn more about the comprehensive functionality of our road maintenance software, reach out to us here. Discover how our solution can minimise resource costs while optimising your maintenance processes.


Why choose our road maintenance software? Streamline processes, achieve accurate measurements of road damage, make informed decisions, enjoy flexible usage options, save time and costs, and seamlessly integrate with existing systems.

Autonomous 3D imaging

Our road maintenance software, Highway Measure, allows users to obtain full 3D imaging and volumes of road defects as they drive over them in real time, completely autonomously. Pinning the locations on Google Maps or your chosen application. This autonomous road maintenance software solution means repair teams can work more efficiently as well as prioritise the potholes or road damage that is likely to degrade the fastest.

Trusted by industry experts

Our road maintenance software has been used on NASCAR racetracks, airport runways and by local councils. Highway Measure has helped save time and money thanks to its high calibre, technologically advanced artificial intelligence, and data capture. We are proud to have developed a system that is trusted by industry experts.

Verify contractor repair costs

Councils currently have no means of verifying repair costs from contractors, which can lead to inaccurate invoicing and charges. Our road maintenance software puts councils back in control by collecting relevant data about the weather, traffic, dimensions, and condition of road damage. Research from the RAC estimates that around one billion pounds is spent annually repairing potholes in the UK which is why High Measure has been designed with cost-saving in mind.

Seamless collaboration and integration

Highway Measure is a software solution that can be easily integrated with existing systems, it is compatible with Android and Windows. However, if you require the road maintenance software to integrate with a different system our expert team will be able to assist you. Our road maintenance software also includes automated route planning and produces data in real-time streamlining the repair process as well as saving your team time. Data can also be made available to other systems, residents, and teams for a collaborative approach to road maintenance.




Users also have the option to use a mobile tablet to capture defects in areas that are inaccessible to vehicles such as pavements and cycle paths. – Sending the data back to HQ over 4G LTE. By using the system manually, users have access to a greater degree of control and flexibility. The mobile version has an extended feature set, including manual adjustments, 3D capture viewer and various workflows. Highway Measure has easily configurable API’s allowing it to be plugged in to the user’s applications and workflows. – Making the minimum impact to standard processes.

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GPC Highways measure uses vehicle mounted 3D cameras to automatically detect, measure and map road defects to Google Maps as the user drives with no interaction – with real time notifications sent to HQ. Using artificial intelligence, the system uses the captured information in tandem with weather and traffic data to predict when a pothole will likely degrade, creating a more intelligent means of prioritising and coordinating proactive repairs. There is fully automated route planning embedded to further streamline the process, and our data is openly available for use in other systems or residents to view online to promote a sense of collaboration and validation.

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Our 4D Portal provides a secure cloud application for collecting data from our 3D applications. It is available as a service running on Microsoft’s secure Azure Cloud.



Our 4D Portal provides a secure application for collecting data from our 3D applications. Customers told us that they wanted to collect other information, but did not want to have to develop a new application every time they collected new data. 4D Portal is a fully customisable electronic forms portal available as a service running on Microsoft’s secure Azure Cloud. It allows you to create your own electronic forms and collect data via a Windows, iOS or Android app. Uniquely, it also supports 3D capture data allowing you to share, collaborate and re-measure images captured within our 3D applications.

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Customers told us that the cost of assessing constructions and reinstating works was excessive and inaccurate. Using 3D Construction, you can assess a construction and accurately measure the size and volume of the job and any in-fill materials needed.



Highways Measure

  • Does your road maintenance software work on Android?

    Our road maintenance solution, Highways Measure, works on both Android and Windows 10. If you would like to discuss it working on any other operating systems please get in touch.

  • Does the road maintenance software require a data connection?

    Highways Measure does not need a constant data connection to gather data. Once returned to the connection site the information will be uploaded to the chosen portal.

  • Does the system require any ongoing maintenance?

    No, the system is designed to “set up and go” and requires no maintenance once implemented.

  • How does the road maintenance software work?

    Our road maintenance solution, Highways Measure, allows users to obtain full 3D imaging and volumes of road defects as they drive over them in real time, completely autonomously. Pinning the locations on Google Maps or your chosen application.

  • Are there fixed and mobile options?

    Yes, there are fixed and mobile options. The fixed option runs autonomously, and the mobile solution can be run on tablet or another mobile device and used at any time.

  • How much data is captured in real time?

    The fixed version continuously captures data. The particulars are then uploaded to the agreed portal for analysing. Prior to customisation we expect an 95%-97% accuracy.

  • How easy is the integration?

    The “set up and go” specification of Highways Measure makes integration easy for all. On average five days are needed.

  • How much staff training is required?

    Very little support and training is required. GPC run two or three training sessions with the team and then run refreshers if necessary.

  • I would like to try Highways Measure; how do I do this?

    Get in touch with us at ask@gpcsl.com.

    Or contact our Head of Business Development and Partnership Solutions, Isabelle Miller (isabellemiller@gpcsl.com)

  • If I am having a problem with my GPC product, where do I go for help?

    We have a dedicated process for this, follow the link to get help https://www.gpcsl.com/support/index.php

  • I have a specific customisation request; can GPC Systems accommodate?

    GPC caters for a wide range of customisable options to meet your needs.