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GPC is an award-winning software house with over 25 years of experience working with a range of sectors across the globe.

GPC Systems was founded in 2010. We are an innovative 3D imaging software house that is privately owned. Our journey began with our 3 directors working in the private medical sector and being approached about 3D Camera technology that was due to be released in the coming months. We embarked on a journey to develop our secret recipe of algorithms to develop a software package for the healthcare industry.

Following the success of our 3D wound calculator we realised our software could innovate other sectors. Our 3D solutions are now also used by councils across the UK and across the Transport and Logics sector. Our Highways Measure solution was born, as a wound in a human measures exactly like a wound in a road although the differing textures. A few tweaks later and the majority of our software for Highways is being utilised by councils across the UK and has even been used for NASCAR race track in Las Vegas.

Our story never ends, we continue to research and develop putting innovation at the forefront of all we do. Our latest software package is for Transport & Logistics – GPCs Freight Measure. We work with leading brands across the globe in air freight and logistics to accurately dimension all their ugly freight needs.

The team has grown massively since our first days with 3, we are now a team of 15 with plenty of partners, distributors and suppliers supporting us on our journey. We look forward to having you join with us, whether that be utilising one of our current software packages or venturing on a new innovative path together into the world of 3D imaging.


Below GPCSL and the EHI2 team at the MediWales Awards Ceremony where GPCSL accepted the EHI2 Innovation Award for Digital Technology in Health.










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3d imaging software
3d imaging software

Service and support response of GPC’s team was always very quick, competent and customer/solution oriented. Initially we faced some challenges of integrating GPC’s Wound Measure in the workflow of an Electronic Data Capturing system. GPC’s software team impressed us by their agile and solution-oriented support which finally took all pain from the software integration project. (budget, time and quality).


The GPC software has been a game changer for evaluating wound size, depth as well as swelling and excess granulation tissue in our research. The platform is highly customisable, and GPC has been very responsive to our needs.

Jennifer Barrett / PHD, DVM Virginia Tech

Wound Measure is exactly what we have been waiting for.

Tissue Viability Nurse / ABMU

The Trinity Mobile app will save me hours by telling me what I need to know, without me having to return to the station.

Police Constable / South Wales Police