The benefits of Freight Measure

The benefits of Freight Measure

The Benefits of Freight Measure
The Benefits of Freight Measure

Do you want to make all of your dimensioning procedures simpler and more effective, from measuring packages to pallet dimensioning? Our 3D measurement software, Freight Measure, is exactly what you need. It can be used as part of a fixed system or as a handheld device to optimise both the transportation and storage of your freight. Interested in learning more about this ground-breaking freight software? Then keep reading!

A completely customisable tool

Freight Measure has been designed with adaptability in mind. It is simple to use and, it can be installed on different mediums to facilitate data capture and seamlessly integrate into your business processes. For example, cameras mounted on forklifts can be used in tandem with scales to measure pallets precisely without disrupting production.

A time and money-saving solution

By replacing manual measurement with automated dimensioning, Freight Measure allows businesses to not only save money but also save time. The Freight Measure solution offered by GPC is capable of providing accurate dimensioning of freight, including both regular and irregular shapes in only a few seconds. This means that employees do not have to waste time measuring oddly shaped packages manually and think about how to make them fit in trucks or containers. Freight Measure is perfect for companies that deal with transporting “ugly freight” of varying dimensions.

A tool to take with you anywhere

The freight industry is a dynamic industry which needs quick and accurate solutions to meet demand. We have created Freight Measure to offer an adaptable solution that can easily be integrated into already established procedures, as well as help tackle any challenges thrown your way. Freight Measure can be installed on fixed and handheld devices to allow for flexibility when dimensioning either on the go or in a dedicated workspace. This allows freight to be dimensioned either outside at the point of pick up or inside the warehouse before being stored.

Support in all conditions

Freight measure has been engineered to be a useful tool no matter the conditions. This means that you will get as good results outside in low daylight as you would in a fully lit warehouse. This feature of Freight Measure is especially useful for professionals who pick up freight directly from the sender and cannot control the lighting conditions.

A tool to reduce your impact

It is not a secret for anyone, the transport industry has a rather large carbon footprint which can be made worse by inefficient procedures. But with the help of Freight Measure businesses are now able to fill their mode of transportation to their maximum capacity by improving the accuracy of the freight measurements. Maximising capacity helps cut down on the number of aeroplanes, trucks, and boats needed to satisfy consumer demand which translates to a drastic cut down on fuel usage, which in turn helps cut down on emissions.

Freight Measure has many benefits ranging from adaptability, practicality and more. It is the perfect tool to increase productivity, increase accuracy and increase efficiency. No matter what type of freight you deal with, Freight Measure can help. If you have any questions or wish to learn more about Freight Measure, check our website or get in contact with us. We are always happy to help!


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