GPC’s Automatic Surveys

GPC’s Automatic Surveys

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Close up of car wheel on a road in very bad condition with big potholes full of dirty rain water pools.

With £12bn (Statista) spent last year by the public sector on the maintenance and repairs of the UK’s local and national roads, with an estimated £1bn on potholes alone, the problems faced by local authorities and construction companies in their effort to maintain our highways remains a challenge. The coordination of inspections, repairs and road closures can be time-consuming, and expensive but can also lead to inaccuracies when verifying repair costs. 

Luckily, manual inspections are now a thing of the past thanks to the technology currently used to capture and analyse road conditions and highway networks accurately. But, at what cost?

Unpractical data collection and handling

After speaking with several local authorities and leading highway network operators, it’s clear that many asset management systems available today can be expensive and time-consuming. Companies often provide data that can quickly expire without regularly scheduled services, leading to organisations across the public and private sectors tied to an inflexible and costly approach to managing their highway systems. 

As part of this process, the data collected from road networks may also be manually analysed internally or by a third party before landing in the hands of the client, prolonging, and causing unnecessary delays to highway inspection processes.

A dimensional analysis software revolution

At GPC, we work with our clients placing them back in control of their highway inspections. Our Highway Measure technology offers a cost-effective, low-carbon, mobile solution that allows organisations to independently carry out their own highway surveys and assessments to better understand, manage and improve their highway networks.

With our Automatic Surveys, our devices can be mounted to the dashboard or bonnet of any vehicle to capture and analyse road conditions in any location. In contrast to many other road maintenance software, our system allows for fast, cost-effective surveys to be carried out autonomously without designated vehicles or personnel to carry out scheduled inspections. All of the collected data is instantly available and ready to analyse with integration options available on request.

Efficient data capture and digital dimensioning

Not only does this mean surveys can be carried out more efficiently, streamlining and enhancing current highway inspection processes, but organisations are also now supported by a low-cost, portable solution, enabling regular self-sufficient inspections to take place. Therefore, further expenses, material costs and carbon footprint are reduced across the company’s operations.

Although our Highway Measure solution is an off-the-shelf software, at GPC we understand that each organisation is unique and has its own specific requirements. This is why we approach each project in a very consultative manner. Working collaboratively with our clients allows us to change and adapt our solutions to guarantee their requirements are met and to ensure our software is seamlessly integrated and best utilised within each individual operation.

To find more information on how GPC’s Highway Measure solution can drive significant improvement throughout your coordinated highway inspection process, get in contact with us now!



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