How freight dimensioning software can improve forward planning for air cargo

How freight dimensioning software can improve forward planning for air cargo

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As an air cargo business, it is vital that you can accurately forward plan in order to provide the best prices and service for your customers. This blog will detail how GPC’s freight dimensioning software, Freight Measure, can improve forward planning so you can save time, reduce costs, and maximise profits. The software can be used in a fixed position or on a mobile handheld device.

Accurate measurements to maximise space

One of the biggest benefits of our freight dimensioning software is that it provides accurate dimensions for cargo and freight in just a few clicks. Our software removes the need for guess work and the reliance on customer measurements or manual measurement methods which might not be accurate. Accurate measurements will also help your team figure out the best formations to pack the cargo onto the aircraft, once again allowing you to maximise space.

Reduce costs

A benefit as a result of accurate measurements is that you can reduce your costs. This is because as we previously mentioned, space can be maximised, and planes can be filled to maximum capacity. This will reduce fuel costs and help to mitigate against partial loads being shipped. Having worked with leading air cargo companies in the past we have witnessed how quick accurate dimensions can enhance the process flow where time is already a constraint.

Reduce environmental impact and emissions

Through improved forward planning air cargo businesses can reduce their environmental impact and reduce emissions. Both factors are important to customers as many are now looking for greener, more sustainable solutions when transporting goods. Maximising aircraft space, selecting the right sized aircraft and reducing the number of flights needed to transport cargo are all benefits of utilising GPC’s freight dimensioning software. All of which will in turn contribute to reducing emissions and air cargo’s environmental impact.

If you would like to find out more about how GPC’s freight dimensioning software can improve forward planning for your air cargo business, the please contact our team who will be happy to help.


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