Why choose GPC as your dimensioning software provider?

Why choose GPC as your dimensioning software provider?

There are many dimensioning software providers out there so why should you choose GPC Systems? Firstly, there are very few software providers offering the technological advances we do. As well as our unique software solutions, we pride ourselves in our innovative approach to each project, have lots of experience with delivering tailored solutions and high-quality customer service.


As with many construction and maintenance jobs, accurately ordering materials can be a challenge. GPC was founded on the desire to drive innovation within the healthcare industry. Dimensioning wounds is habitually an invasive non-autonomous procedure without an accurate way of measuring wound depth. We began our journey developing 3D software utilising the Intel RealSense depth camera and worked closely with them to develop our dimensioning solution. Since our inception we have developed our app to support the logistics and healthcare industry as well as developing solutions for the transport industry. Our continued passion for innovation has led us to create bespoke and off the shelf dimensioning software in both mobile and fixed variations.

Tailored solutions

Having initially developed a 3D solution for the healthcare industry we then looked at what other industries we could support with 3D technology. As a result, we developed tailored solutions for the logistics industry with our freight dimensioning software. We also developed a solution to reduce the time, resource and financial investment required to repair potholes and road damage with our road maintenance software. We are always looking for other industries who could benefit from our tailored 3D solutions, so if you think we could support your business, please get in touch.


Many councils will rely on external contractors to complete pothole and road maintenance repairs. Due to Our team have years of experience in the technology and software development industry. Many of our team have worked in the industry for decades and been there to see the technological advances in software solutions. From our research and development team to our engineers, we are proud to have a team filled with experience that our customers can benefit from.

Customer service

We are proud to provide our customers with high quality customer service at all stages of the journey. We are available to offer advice and support to our customers via phone, teams, email and in person. Whether GPC have just installed new software for your business, or you are a year into using our software and have some questions, are team are here to help whenever you need us.

To find out more about the solutions we offer please visit our website.


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