How 3D software solutions can revolutionise the public sector

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How 3D software solutions can revolutionise the public sector

Here at GPC we have been developing 3D software solutions for 10 years. Our range of software solutions includes products to support the healthcare industry, local councils and the logistics industry. We believe our solutions can revolutionise the public sector by increasing efficiency and reducing cost.

Healthcare 3D Software Solutions

Healthcare professionals often have to complete tasks that are time consuming and complex, when they don’t need to be. Our first solution is Wound Measure. This utilises 3D camera technology to accurately measure a wound. Traditional methods of wound measurement are often inaccurate and subjective. The software is also effective at measuring pressure ulcers and burns, both wounds can be difficult to monitor and decipher when a wound is healing or growing.

Our solution standardises wound measurement whilst increasing accuracy and efficiency. A recent study found that Wound Measure was 74% faster at measuring wounds than traditional methods. The 3D Wound Measure allows clinicians, patients and their families to understand whether wound tissue is healthy and healing but also allows clinicians to take a proactive approach to treatment if wound tissue is unhealthy. Wound Measure was trialled at Guy’s & St Thomas’s NHS Foundation Trust in 2018. Following its success our software solution is now being used by several NHS trusts.

Furthermore, by increasing the efficiency and accuracy of measuring wounds, healthcare professionals can focus on other aspects of their work and may even be able to see more patients over a shorter period, potentially reducing wait times. 

Highways 3D Software Solutions

We began to look at other problems our 3D software solutions could solve for the public sector. Potholes cause problems for most of us on a daily basis and traditional methods of measuring them are slow and restrictive. Additionally, the RAC estimates that one billion pounds is spent annually repairing potholes in the UK.

Our solution measures potholes autonomously using 3D imaging as highway workers drive over them in real time. The solution calculates volumetric measurements using a single photo. The Highway Measure application then pins the locations on Google Maps or your chosen application. Some of our early results indicate that the number of repair teams can be reduced by 3/5 utilising our 3D software system saving local councils time, money and resources.

Logistics 3D Software Solutions

With the logistics industry currently contributing significantly to global emissions, which is set to rise significantly over the coming decades, companies in this sector are striving to become more sustainable. One of the problems that these companies face is inefficient usage of space when transporting freight, meaning cargo vehicles often reach maximum volume capacity before they reach maximum weight capacity. This reduces the amount of freight carried per round trip resulting in more trips required and therefore increased CO2 emissions. 

Our 3D freight dimensioning systems enable accurate measurements of cargo to be captured which helps to solve this problem. As well as the positive impacts this has on reducing carbon emissions, it also benefits shipping companies by allowing for accurate forward planning and optimal use of both storage and transport space. Length, width and height, as well as volume, are captured using two lenses, an infra-red camera, and an infra-red laser. This technology can either be applied in a mounted setting, or with a handheld device. Advanced computer vision techniques enable automatic detection and dimension capture of objects on conveyors. To find out more about our freight dimensioning systems visit our webpage or contact us!


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