How GPC’s freight dimensioning systems can solve the challenge of measuring freight

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How GPC’s freight dimensioning systems can solve the challenge of measuring freight

Clients regularly tell us that measuring freight is a challenge, particularly items of irregular shape, size and material. Businesses that have the ability to gather these dimensions can increase efficiency. The current process of measuring freight involves taking various measurements by hand and manually recording this data on paper, before transferring it to a database. Our freight dimensioning systems automate this process, integrating with your workflow to capture data without interruption. This maximises efficiency, reducing costs, and provides you with accurate measurements which aren’t subject to human error. 

Challenges with dimensioning freight

We have learnt from our clients that there are several challenges that arise when dimensioning freight. One challenge is that the requirements for measuring freight vary widely depending on the sector. Businesses in the last mile courier sector don’t need fully accurate dimensions, they just need to know whether they are picking up a dishwasher or a kettle for forward planning. For our air cargo clients having accurate measurements of freight is vital for forward planning as it allows them to utilise storage space as efficiently as possible. 

Another challenge faced by businesses is the disparity between actual item size and the size stated by their customers. This can make it difficult to plan in advance for storage and shipping. Customers can often underestimate parcel size and as a consequence they pay lower shipping costs.  Being able to accurately measure freight allows businesses to check weights and dimensions and ensure customers pay the correct price. 

Benefits of GPCs freight dimensioning systems

There are many benefits to our freight dimensioning systems, for example they can be handheld or fixed to a variety of surfaces and objects. They can accurately measure irregular objects from a packet of screws to oversize objects with our camera mounted to a crane. Our freight dimensioning app also works in low light conditions as well as with reflective surfaces such as black shrink wrap. For pallet dimensioning users have the option to exclude the pallet or skid, and our systems are fully customisable to your use case and environment. To find out more about the benefits of our freight dimensioning systems, visit our website.

How does our freight dimensioning app work?

Our freight dimensioning app works in conjunction with handheld or mounted low-cost 3D camera technology. The application uses point-and-click technology to accurately dimension length, width and height with a single photo. Using two telephoto lenses, an infra-red camera and infra-red laser, our units can accurately decipher the distances between two points. Our freight dimensioning app also has AI capabilities to automatically detect and capture items on conveyors. The data collected within the app is then sent to other relevant applications and back end systems in real time.

Where can our freight dimensioning systems be used?

Our freight dimensioning systems have a variety of use cases. Point of collection users can utilise a handheld device to accurately obtain item dimensions. Cargo centres and depot cross checking can benefit from fixed or mobile devices that capture accurate dimensions. Cameras can also be mounted to forklift trucks to allow for seamless data capture as freight moves through your warehouse.

If you would like to find out more about how our freight dimensioning systems can increase efficiency within your business, please email or use our contact form.


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