How can Freight Measure and 3D software work for you?

3d imaging software

How can Freight Measure and 3D software work for you?

Are your goals based around sustainability, innovation, and autonomous processes? 3D dimensioning with Freight Measure is for you! Utilising 3D software and artificial intelligence for dimensioning is an emerging technological asset within logistics. Gathering dimensioning data early in the life cycle of a package is crucial for accurate pricing, warehouse capacity and load optimisation. Carefully and accurately planning loads with precise data methodically utilises capacity reducing vehicles on the road, which is superior for costs and sustainability.  GPC Systems, working with Intel RealSense, have created an on-the-go mobile dimensioning solution which eliminates the guesswork of dimensioning or the need to have a dedicated measuring station. Dimensions can be taken at the point of pick up using a durable, easy to use mobile device loaded with our Freight Measure software. 

Let’s look at your current manual measuring process for freight in your warehouse. When the package arrives measurements are taken by hand and recorded on paper and the data is then manually inputted into the system. How do you know that dimension is correct and consistent? How much time does this take? What percentage of your packages are accurately measured? 

To provide precise forecasting of future shipments it is crucial to collect dimension data. Dimensioning is often limited when manual measurements are relied upon, specifically the measurements of complex freight and can become time consuming taking sometimes up to 5 or 10 minutes to obtain the dimensions. The height, width, length and depth data of a package is combined with weight figures to enable efficient storage and eventually methodical and safe picking. Manual dimensioning is open to human error and routinely there is a lack of photographic evidence of the freight.

3d imaging software

Pressure within the logistics and e-commerce space will continue to expand dictating the need for automated systems inside the industry to keep up with demand. Here at GPC, we aim to be at the forefront of technological dimensioning advances to contribute towards a more efficient, cost effective and sustainable logistics industry. 

Using Freight Measure and Intel’s 3D camera, full dimensional information is captured within one second with acute accuracy. Having consistent leverageable data on freight dimensions at the pick-up creates tangible capacity figures which can be crucial for load optimisation and cost savings within the business. Dimensioning using Freight Measure awards you the ability to scan barcodes, capture images of the freight for quality control, produce digital dimensions and automate a time consuming inaccurate manual process. Our recent customers reported a 40% increase in overall productivity and time saved. 

If you are looking for ways to integrate innovation into your logistics business then the adaptable, diverse, and accurate Freight Measure app is for you. Freight measure transforms the manual processes of measuring using the freight dimensioning system and will save time, save money and contribute in a positive way to sustainability within the industry. Click here to read more about GPC Systems and our software and get in touch at


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