GPC pledges their commitment to sustainability within the logistics industry using Freight Measure

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GPC pledges their commitment to sustainability within the logistics industry using Freight Measure

It is no secret that sustainability within the logistics sector is a huge talking point. Reducing the greenhouse gases contributing to global warming is a responsibility felt by all of us. Emissions from the transportation sector, both domestic and commercially, accounts for a large percentage of overall global emissions. Our commitment is to reduce greenhouse gases within the sector by innovating dimensioning within logistics. Accurate dimensions, in turn, leads to accurate cargo planning and loading. Data is collated, including stored images, using Freight Measure and can be used to form on target pricing eliminating estimations. 

How can we as a company use Freight Measure to promote better sustainability within logistics?  

Many logistics companies pledge to have zero emissions by a target date by converting to electric or hybrid vehicles and reaching for technology to streamline warehouse processes in keeping with demand. Ocean and air freight are the biggest contributors, with road transport following behind. We at GPC pledge to assist companies, in keeping with international law, to focus on automation and digitisation. The technology we have created using artificial intelligence (in conjunction with Intel RealSense 3D cameras and other hardware manufacturers) excels at simplifying dimensioning, increasing accuracy and cargo optimisation. Clear dimensions of freight which are obtained within 1 second using Freight Measure, means forward planning is easier and cost effective. Precise cargo loading will reduce half loads and work towards a sustainable future hand in hand with Freight Measure.  

Freight Measure continues to adapt to meet sustainability targets. 

Freight measure has been developed with adaptability at the forefront. We have developed the solution to be used for irregular items, shiny packaging, and low lighting. Head over to our website and read about Freight Measure here. Freight measure can be fixed to a specific measuring station or used as a mobile handset. The e-commerce industry is one of the largest growing industries, proliferation with the sector goes hand in hand with environmental impact and pressure on current processes. GPC is here to discuss with you how Freight Measure can amplify your path to a sustainable business and accurate dimensioning.  

What are the current processes and how can they be optimised using Freight Measure? 

There is a meticulous process to getting freight delivered on time to the required destination, accuracy and data are pinnacle in this. Businesses naturally reach to advances in technology to streamline operations making them cost effective but more importantly as sustainable as possible. With data digitisation and optimisation on the frontline of logistics sustainability it is time to put manual dimensioning and lengthy warehouse processes to bed. Clients have told us that only 15% of their freight is accurately measured within their warehouse; how can we implement Freight Measure to enhance your warehouse processes and increase dimensioning? Get in touch at with or visit our website here.  


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