Success for PlasmaDerm!

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Success for PlasmaDerm!

PlasmaDerm is a branded plasmatherapy officially recognised as an effective and safe technology that generates tissue-compatible plasma no hotter than body temperature. Essential in reducing germs in microbially contaminated skin and wounds, PlasmaDerm simultaneously stimulates deep into the skin and wound increasing microcirculation. The wound is therefore better supplied with oxygen and nutrients conclusively healing faster and better. With support from world renowned universities, clusters of research excellence and together with their industrial cooperation partners, PlasmaDerm was developed by CINOGY System. They have become the only company to create cold plasma as a stimulating element directly on the skin, used not only for chronic wounds but for surgical wounds, skin diseases and exercise pain.

As an innovator in the field of Advanced Wound Management PlasmaDerm were intensively screening the market for wound imaging, measurement, and analysis solutions to support their clinical trials. During their market research GPC’s Wound Measure rapidly evolved as the perfect fit they were looking not only for full wound area measurements but also for wound volume, (for time course measurements of pressure ulcers), GPC’s Wound Measure outperformed all other solutions.

“We investigated in particular the aspects of readiness of use, inter- and intra-operator reliability and the overall robustness of the technical solution concept.” A representative of PlasmaDerm told us. They continued, “Service and support response of GPC’s team was always very quick, competent and customer/solution oriented. Initially we faced some challenges of integrating GPC’s Wound Measure in the workflow of an Electronic Data Capturing system. GPC’s software team impressed us by their agile and solution-oriented support which finally took all pain from the software integration project (budget, time and quality).”

PlasmaDerm are running their first Post Market Clinical Follow Up study since GPC’s Wound Measure integration and have received the feedback from nurses involved in the study and their investigators. “The common opinion is, that the clinicians are relieved to finally see a solution to capturing a primary parameter of the wound in a way which reduces labour, time and allows reliable acquisition and filing of the data. The learning curve for users is extremely fast and participating users would like to see the solution implemented into their daily working life. From a scientific point of view, we are incredibly happy to be able to perform sub-measurements and data analysis refinement based on the generated 3D data sets.”

Here at GPC Systems, we look forward to continuing working closely with PlasmaDerm and enhance their award-winning technology through our flourishing partnership.


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