AI to solve pothole problems at Durham and Gwent

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AI to solve pothole problems at Durham and Gwent

GPC Systems Ltd, a UK based software company, are using artificial intelligence to automatically find and report potholes using vehicle mounted 3D cameras. Durham and Blaenau Gwent Council, supported by the GovTech Catalyst, have awarded GPC a contract to develop their innovative 3D technology for use in detecting road defects. The GovTech Catalyst, run by the Government Digital Service, is a fund that allows suppliers to solve public sector problems using emerging technology.

This is an exciting time for all at GPC with a great opportunity to showcase the added value of our 3D Pothole Dimensioning Software. “Almost £1 billion is spent repairing potholes in the UK and according to the RAC, most repairs are short term patches.” GPC will be working closely with Durham and Gwent councils to improve this statistic and much more.

Identifying and repairing potholes is currently a reactive and therefore expensive and difficult to manage process. Using GPC’s innovative AI & 3D technology will provide an accurate and timely picture of the road network and identification of roads likely to deteriorate. This allows quicker and more efficient repairs, reducing claims and allowing councils to proactively manage roads. Other local authorities can stay updated on how the product develops by following us on LinkedIn or email us on

GPC is a Member of the Intel® IoT Solutions Alliance. A global ecosystem of more than 800 industry leaders, the Alliance offers its Members unique access to Intel® technology, expertise, and go-to-market support—accelerating deployment of best-in-class solutions. GPC uses Intel®RealSense Technology to enable their 3D capability further to improve accuracy and efficiency for all their 3D Dimensioning products.


3D Technology for Pothole Repair


AI to Solve Pothole Problems