Wound Care

Monitoring and measuring wounds, and in particularly the size and depth of pressure ulcers is inherently inaccurate.

woundcare tablet hands
This makes identifying problems and interventions early difficult. Standard grading methods are broad and therefore identifying trends within grades is not possible. GPC are utilising new, low cost, consumer 3D technology to enable accurate measurement, consistent image capture and 3D modelling of wounds and ulcers allowing for the first time accurate trend analysis. This enables a more proactive approach to identity and treat degrading conditions, lowering high costs and producing better outcomes for the patient.
WoundCare is available on tablet devices and laptops with a web application and secure cloud based storage and integration. The cost of wound care is estimated to be 3% of an entire healthcare budget (£3bn in the UK and $25bn in the US) and current 3D solutions are expensive and unwieldy requiring dedicated devices. The WoundCare application will effect a substantial reduction in your care costs and deliver improved outcomes.

Perceptual Healthcare for Wound Management

Wound Care Centre

The wound care centre is designed to provide end-to-end wound management support. From point of care wound assessment to clinical management of wound information. At the heart of GPC’s wound management capability is Wound Care Centre, a flexible and easy-to-use system that manages and stores information collected from a point of care device. Information is then available to all care team members via a web browser. Wound Care Centre enables health organisations to:

  1. Standardise assessment practices
  2. Share wound assessments securely
  3. Monitor wound assessment quality
  4. Create documentation easily
  5. Consistently grade and monitor improvements
  6. Identify variations in expected recovery time
  7. Analyse population-based wound trends
  8. Establish wound informatics and evidence-based decision-making
  9. Streamline wound care procedures.
  10. Deliver clinical wound informatics across care settings
Some ways you can use Wound Care Centre for more effective wound management:

  • Review, create and edit patient and wound assessment information, with appropriate audit trails
  • Generate an audit log of activity related to the wound. Images and video cannot be altered, providing a robust record of the wound being assessed.
  • Review data captured by point-of-care devices to monitor assessment activity and quality
  • Review images, measurements, clinical notes and graphs of wound healing progression to track healing progress and identify areas of concern
  • Automatically generate .pdf format Wound Assessment Reports at the touch of a button for better communication with specialists, management, commissioners, patients and other stakeholders.
  • Remote and mobile wound surveillance at home, at clinic, at the specialists office
This powerful new technology capability transforms wound-related communication and enables holistic and insightful decision-making. EMR integration and interoperability. Easily Interface with other Electronic Medical Records systems and GP systems.

Remote use with secure transfer and integration to EHR