Mobile Policing Assistant

GPC’s Mobile Policing Assistant, Trinity, is a mobile application that uses machine learning to deliver useful and personalised information direct into the hands of frontline officers.
Existing mobile applications require officers to request information.
The Mobile Policing Assistant is different.
It already knows what is useful to officers and ensures it is always with them, online or offline.

Its allows law enforcement professionals to “Do More, With Less”.

  • Voice activated notifications based on location and role
  • Map interface to investigate on the go
  • Instant messaging, managed securely by you
  • AI assisted prioritisation

Mobile Policing Assistant uses our advanced object library platform to:-

  • Acquire information from ANY data source
  • With NO additional data warehousing or duplication of data
  • Categorise information based on predictive analytics
    • Most likely to reoffend
    • Prioritise Missing person found locations
  • Any information from any system including shared agency and outside sources such as health

It really can display any information from any system and this can all be configured by your organisation without any application changes or input from GPC.

Mobile Policing Assistant can be used with multiple sources of police data. It is limited only by your imagination and needs. Some examples where it has been used to provide live information:-

  • Warrants
  • Suspects
  • Missing persons
  • Acquisitive crime
  • Points of Interest or Waymarkers
  • Recently released offenders
  • Map of recent burglaries