3D WoundCare, for pressure ulcers, burns, podiatry, diabetic foot care, dermatology and research

“Wound measurement provides baseline information while continuous measurement helps to predict healing and aids monitoring of treatment efficacy and evaluation. It [Wound measurement] is also objective and can be useful in cost-benefit analysis. Methods such as the ruler technique are inaccurate and do not account for changes in wound shape and such practice should be discouraged”

• accurate measurements
• affordable technology
• Reduce costs through better and earlier intervention
• Improve standards through accurate and consistent measurements

Clinical Object Library, a revolutionary way to describe, access and view complex clinical data

“The future of healthcare is in data analytics” Forbes, Oct 2016.

• Describe healthcare in simple easy to understand objects
• Access multiple, complex data sources without integration or data warehousing
• Provide a revolutionary user interface for everyone to ask questions about that data
• Provide everyone access to machine learning and predictive models
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Mobile Policing Assistant. "Do More For Less!"

The HMIC warned that despite managing well in increasingly difficult circumstances there was evidence of fewer arrests being made.

The PEEL effectiveness report 2016 recommends that forces should “take prompt and effective action to apprehend suspects”.

Our policing assistant can help your force DO MORE FOR LESS

• Putting proactive information in the hands of frontline officers

• Voice controlled notifications alert officers to opportunities based on their role and location

• Applying predictive technologies in the background

• Using any existing system or database with no integration or data warehousing

“having precise useful information to hand that leads the officer direct to the door saves time”

“being able to easily locate warrants, suspects, missing persons and recently released offenders on a mobile device without having to run reports at the station allows officers to do more for less”

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24 Hours support

A dedicated support team available online at any time allowing you to instantly report and track your support queries from anywhere.

Cloud Solutions

SaaS options for deployment of any of our apps to provide secure, scalable and efficient delivery through our partner Microsoft and the Azure platform accredited for storage of sensitive healthcare and policing data

On Premises Deployment

All applications are available to be installed via your existing on-premises infrastructure.

Bespoke Expertise

3D camera and image processing expertise to enable your idea to become reality quickly. Augmented reality knowledge to work with you and develop innovative solutions.

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We are driven by the needs of our customers. In healthcare, to improve care through the most efficient use of resource and in policing to enable forces to achieve more with less.

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